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Welcome to Montgomery Karate, a traditional Korean Martial Art. We are excited about helping students of all ages achieve the many benefits our program offers through Martial Arts and personal development. We are here to serve you and your family. Our students will learn self-defense while building confidence, patience and respect as well as improve balance, strength and focus for your mind and body. Master Guinn, studio owner, has a unique and inspirational teaching style that combines, humor, wisdom and a clear explanation of techniques. Come join us and receive your first week free.


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Soo Bahk Do is the name of the art we study and its direct translation is Soo (hand), Bahk (strike), and Do (art or way). According to the Moo Yei Do Bo Tong Ji, the name “Bahk” originated in the age of Chun Chu (2700 years ago) and the name “Soo Bahk” originated during the early Jon Han Dynasty in China (2200 years ago).

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The biggest gem in Montgomery! This martial art lead by Master Instructor, Sa Bom Nim Travis Guinn, is a true martial art from South Korea that is practiced all over the world. Not only do you get great training but you get the full knowledge of the art and its philosophy which treats you like family. It's great for kids and adults from 4 to 85. SBN Travis Guinn finds the perfect balance of intensity, encouragement and fun. Soo Bahk! - Paul and Cheyane

When I moved to Austin after living in Michigan, I learned that there were no Soo Bahk Do studios in the Austin area. I contacted studios in the Houston and San Antonio areas. Guinn Sa Bom Nim responded to my email and offered an alternate training schedule. His instruction, flexibility, encouragement, support and patience are one of the many reasons I chose him as my instructor. I have trained with Guinn Sa Bom Nim since November 2007. He has been a positive influence in my life. I would not be the Soo Bahk Do Practitioner I am today with Guinn Sa Bom Nim. - Andrea Anderson
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Ee Dan

Our two oldest sons had previously been involved in another style of Martial Arts when they were young and since moving to the Lake Conroe area we searched for some time for another studio. At a time when there is a focus on cage fights, Mixed Martial Arts and related styles, we were looking for a studio that didn’t just teach an art but a discipline as well as a value system. As soon as my oldest son and I met Sa Bom Nim Guinn I knew that we had found the right place. During the past five years our older sons have progressed to Cho Dan (first degree black belt) and their younger brother has now joined as well. He hopes to one day be able to teach alongside his brothers. When we found Montgomery Karate we were looking for a strong system of values and what we discovered was a lifestyle. - Todd and Beth

Our experience with Master Travis Guinn and Montgomery Karate has been nothing but fantastic. Our son started training at Montgomery Karate five years ago. Master Guinn has a unique way of being disciplined with patience. His work ethic and core values are in line with how we are raising our kids. He believes that there is a responsibility that comes with learning martial arts, in that we need to be good people as well as good students. We couldn’t have picked a better school or instructor for our son. - Shanon and Julie